Welcome to Principles Insurance Consultancy Services

We are an independent Libyan organization which is dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of client services in Libya and elsewhere. We provide specialist advice and support on flexible basis to Oil & Gas Companies, Major Insurance buyers as well as Insurance Companies, International Brokers, and Reinsurers, and any other parties linked with Insurance Industry as required.



 Associates and International Relationship:

We have many contacts with Associations and professional organizations and experts who can be contacted to add strength and depth to our comprehensive services. This strong business relationship can be utilized when needed, to assist us in resolving complicated issues and enhance the type of services we provide.

Cost and Benefits:

Hiring our services will be cost effective, since the savings that we are able to generate, greatly exceed the cost of our fees. The savings can be in the following forms:

Savings by insuring that premiums charged are competitive

Savings by collecting insurance claims that previously had been considered not insured, or by maximizing the amount of claim compensations.

Improve terms and conditions of any existing insurance policies.

Improve communications and efficiency by working closely within your team, as well as maintaining contact with your Insurance Department at the head office for International Oil & Gas companies.


Comprehensive Services

Negotiation Services.

Implement Tendering Process.

Liaise with Parties.

Review Insurance Agreements.

Full Claim Services Assistance.