PICS offers their clients comprehensive solutions which include but are not limited to the following: 

Comprehensive Services in order to obtain the required insurance coverage to protect your operations and risk exposures, negotiate with the local insurers and/or the reinsurance brokers to get best terms, conditions and premiums.

Implement tendering process, locally and internationally, for the selection of insurance companies and brokers, if required.

Liaise with all parties involved in all matters related to the insurance cover and resolve any issues during the policy period.

Review Insurance policy wording and its relevant clauses, and highlight any clauses which require amendments, or improvements, aiming to widen the scope of the insurance cover as much as possible.

Full claim services assistance, starting from obtaining needed information about the incidents and all costs related to the restoration of the damaged assets. Liaise with Technical Departments and assist in the preparation of the claim file as required. Attend meetings with the appointed Loss Adjuster. Follow-up on all matters until the claims are fully settled.

Assist in other insurance matters as required.